Banana Ice-Cream with Strawberries

I made this delicious ice-cream to try to cope with the heat wave. Sugar and fat-free, made with only two ingredientes, banana and strawberries. This is a great alternative for a healthy and delicious dessert.

To make this ice-cream, you have to freeze very ripe bananas and strawberries. To freeze fruits, it is best to use glass containers with a lid. I personally don’t freeze anything in plastic containers. You can fold some paper towel and put it at the bottom of the plastic container, using one as well to cover the fruits before you close the lid to avoid contact direct to the plastic. You can also wrap in wax paper. Reed more about freezing in plastic containers hereIt's always good to have some organic fruits in the freezer. You can freeze bananas, mangos, pears, blueberries, raspberries, papaya or any other fruit of your preference. All these fruits are perfect for this ice-cream.
I recommend using bananas together with any other fruit because they are sweet and creamy. They must be very ripe, with black-spotted peels. This point of ripeness is perfect for this recipe.
Peel and slice the bananas, put them in the container and then into the freezer. As per the strawberries, rinse thoroughly, dry, put in a container and take to the freezer.Try to use organic products. That’s always the best option. You can also use frozen fruits for smoothies.
Amount varies. A big banana and a handful of strawberries would be considered one good serving.

  • bananas, previously frozen
  • frozen strawberries


Put the bananas into the blender and blend at high-speed until you get a smooth cream. Pour into a bowl and then blend the strawberries with one or two frozen banana slices. If you want, you can blend it all together. The outcome is a rich and silky ice cream with no additional sugar, sweeteners or dairy. Serve immediately. You can add fresh banana slices and/or fresh strawberries and mint for decoration.  You can also use only bananas to make this recipe and add pecans or some other nuts as your taste.

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